Director of Southern California Region

Kathie Mathis, Ph.D

With over 25 years of administrative experience, Dr. Kathie Mathis has been responsible for administration, board development, staff development, public relations, funding development, program development and volunteer development. She has also been responsible for leading nonprofits that were financially floundering into positive and stable cash flow resilience.

During her career, Kathie has developed and introduced national models in mentoring, abuse prevention and school-based stop bullying programs. She also authored two books, wrote monthly columns for magazines and newspapers. She trains in Batterers Facilitation which meets the California LA County Probation Department Standards. She has trained Probation staff around the country and has helped update and revise the Los Angeles County Standards. She also helped create a popular training, The SociopathicStyle Relationship Facilitator Training, which is being presented nationally. She is an Emotional Addiction Specialist and has written articles and a book entitled “Emotional Addiction – A Bitter Sweet Truth.” She is a keynote speaker at convention, symposiums and conferences. She is only one of three trainers and specialists in the Sociopathic Type Relationship.

Kathie is a state and national advocate meeting with legislators in Washington D.C. and California. She has testified before the California State Senate/Assembly and met with California's Judicial Council, promoting legislation and safety measures for victims of abuse. She is a promoter of public safety and safe environments. Dr. Mathis has organized state and county conferences. She was a member of the committee setting California’s State requirements for Drug/Alcohol Programs and was a trainer. She also participated on the task force reforming the California Dept. of Parole/Rehabilitation Adult Outpatient Mental Health Programs. She has presented in 2010 (at the APPA) and again at the 2012 American Association of Probation and Parole Association Conference. Her keynote speaking and training requests have taken her to international locations, promoting DV prevention and intervention.

Dr. Mathis took the lead on Prop 46, which provided $2.1 billion in new funding for affordable housing projects including $195 million in grants for capital development projects for emergency shelters and transitional housing. She helped with SB734 and currently has a legislative proposal being considered on public safety.