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Rita Corbin Burns Award – Kami Corbin Schroeder, Chairperson - 2016 APPLICATION

Tim Derickson, Ohio House of Representatives

Sheila LeBlanc, Broward County School District

Melissa Kincaid-Stephenson, Rita's Daughter

Etta Caver, Miami University

Michelle Bart, NWCAVE

Journalism Award –Natalie Brand, Chairperson
Was presented on January 16, 2016 in Southern California at SWCAT 2016
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Rita Corbin Burns Award Honoree 2015
Etta Caver
Thank you again for all of the nominations for our Rita Corbin Burns Award. In the first year of the award, the committee found themselves making a difficult decision and trying to select one person from 16 nominations; the nominations were powerful and very inspiring!

Although we can only honor one nominee, please know the National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation and Rita's family all know each of the nominees are without a doubt all worthy of praise and Rita would have loved meeting all of the nominees. All of the nominees are survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking and other forms of violence that are making a huge impact on society by giving back and using their experiences to help others, all of what Rita stood for and for this we thank each of them for sharing their stories and being a nominee for this award.

Congratulations to Etta Caver, who works at Miami University in Oxford, OH. Etta was nominated by a former student and colleague of Etta's at the University. Etta has seen her share of violence in her family including the murder of her mother and over thirteen years of domestic violence toward Etta and her children resulting in finally escaping and turning her life around including becoming a social worker and is currently working on PhD. Etta overcame many obstacles, abuse, trauma and has been able to take her experiences to help implementing change including being an integral part in "Tina's Law" which was enacted in December 2009. Etta was presented the Rita Corbin Burns Award on January 17, 2015 at the Hilton Hotel at the No More Summit (

Again, thank you for all of the nominations and we commend each of them for making the world a better place. Their voices against violence have not gone unnoticed and we will continue to share their stories with all of you and how you can help their causes!

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Hilton Hotel - Vancouver
National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation
Rita Corbin Burns
October 11,1952 - August 7, 2013
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