Awards Committees

Journalism Award –Natalie Brand, Chairperson
Members of the Media Council and others from the public

Rita Corbin Burns Award – Kami Corbin Schroeder, Chairperson

Tim Derickson, Ohio House of Representatives

Sheila LeBlanc, Broward County School District

Melissa Kincaid-Stephenson, Rita's Daughter

Etta Caver, Miami University

Michelle Bart, NWCAVE

NO MORE Summit  2017

Steering Committee

Michelle A. Bart, NWCAVE
Natalie Brand, KING 5
Carolyn Pillsbury, NWCAVE
Wanda Costi, NWCAVE
Marvalene Broadhead, NWCAVE
Donna C. Bart, Consign Inn
Alice Altree, Soroptimist of Camas/Washougal
Robin Helm, Clark County Juvenile Court
Melissa Mohr, PeaceHealth Plastic Surgery

Rachel Haas, NO More Campaign
YWCA Clark  County

Gift of Lift  Committee

Robin Helm, Gift of Lift Chairperson
Melissa Mohr, Co-Chair
Heather Loyola, Co-Chair
Wanda Costi, Finance & Grants
Michelle A. Bart, Marketing & Public Relations

Southwest Conference Against Trafficking 

2018 Steering Committee

Michelle Bart

Wanda Costi

Lesford Duncan

Anne-Michelle Ellis

Margaret Evanow

Martha Jasso

Monica Madrid

Dr. Kathy Mathis

Dawn Marie Lemonds
Carol Roddy

Alice Wells

Natalie Brand

Other Committees Include:
Dinner & Dreams Gala

WA Says No More
International Women's Festival

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