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National Journalism Impact Award

An Award for Journalists Having a Voice for Victims and Justice!

Araksya Karapetyan

Araksya Karapetyan, GoodDay L.A. Chairperson

NWCAVE’s National Journalism Impact Award recognizes excellence in coverage of news of local, national, and international significance with a single award for the journalist who uses the power of media and  his/her position to highlight the ongoing violence against others including women, children and animals. Whether domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, kidnapping or abductions, hate crimes or other despicable crimes and violence against human life, a story delivered without re-victimizing or re-exploiting the victim(s) or animal abuse related coverage are the elements in which we will consider for this award.

Past Recipients


2019 – Noelle Crombie, Dave Killen and Beth Nakamura
The Oregonian – Portland, Oregon
(“Ghosts of Highway 20”)



2018 – Rachel Dissell
The Plain Dealer – Cleveland, Ohio
(Neglected Rape Kits at Cleveland Police Department)

2016 – John Canzano
The Oregonian and KGW
(Oregon State University Football Team Rape)

2014 – Keli Rabon
ABC7 Denver (Untested Rape Kits)

2012 – CNN Freedom Project
(Human Trafficking Exposed)

2011 – Dr. Carrie Baker
Ms. Magazine (Jailing Girls for Men’s Crimes)

2010 – Jane Velez-Mitchell
CNN /HLN  (Advocate for Victims and Animals)

Rita Corbin Burns Humanitarian Award Honoree 2017

Robin Helm

Rita Corbin Burns Humanitarian Award Honoree 2017

Robin Helm

Kami Corbin Schroeder, Chairperson

Thank you again for all of the nominations for our Rita Corbin Burns Award.

Although we can only honor one nominee, please know the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation and Rita’s family all know each of the nominees are without a doubt all worthy of praise and Rita would have loved meeting all of the nominees. All of the nominees are survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of violence that are making a huge impact on society by giving back and using their experiences to help others, all of what Rita stood for and for this we thank each of them for sharing their stories and being a nominee for this award.

Congratulations to Robin Helm who works for Clark County. Robin was nominated by Melissa Mohr at PeaceHealth Plastic Surgery where Robin, a breast cancer survivor, was seen and where the Gift of Lift was reborn!  Robin was honored on January 12, 2017 at the No More Summit.

Read more about Robin.

Rita Burns

Rita Burns

Rita Corbin Burns
October 11,1952 – August 7, 2013
We Remember Rita