Powerful Films

Available for screening

If you are in need for a film on the exploitation and/or human trafficking in America and around the world, consider requesting one of our films or the films of some of our partners.  To inquire, please email us at info@nwcave.org or call our office at (360) 852-8019.

NWCAVE film partners include

  • I AM EVIDENCE by The Joyful Heart Foundation and HBO
  • Femme: Women Healing the World by Sharon Stone & Emmanuel Itier
  • The Hunting Ground by Ro*Co Films International
  • Your American Teen by CTG Films, Inc 
  • Teenage $ex 4 Sale from San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office
  • Pornland from Dan Rather Reports/HDNET/axS.tv
  • Many educational videos from the United Nations and the Department of Health & Human Services

As a film partner, NWCAVE has permission and/or has paid for licensing rights to screen the films for our partners.

Hunting Ground

The Hunting Ground


Femme: Women Healing the World

Your American Teen