Advocacy Center for Justice

A Division of NWCAVE

What is the Advocacy Center for Justice?

NWCAVE’s Advocacy Center for Justice provides survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, murder and the like, an opportunity to receive supportive resources and hold their perpetrators accountable.

NWCAVE has been instrumental in ending the backlog of rape kits since 2018. In addition, the services, support and resources that The Advocacy Center for Justice provides our clients is quite extensive.

Here’s just a sample of some of the support we’ve provided over the years:
• In-House Counseling Services
• Advocate for BIPOC and LGBTQ+
• Liaison to Media Coverage
• Legal Resources/Coaching/Consultation
• Advocate
• Tattoo Artists for Brand Removal
• Security Resources (e.g., Ring Camera)
• Dental Resources
• Massage Therapists
• Housing Resources
• Negotiating Funeral Fees
• Fundraising
• Liaison to FBI and Law Enforcement

What are the Advocacy Center for Justice programs?

The Advocacy Center for Justice houses NWCAVE’s Missing Children’s Division, The Dignity Clothing Program, Survivor Support Services, the organization’s Spotlight for Justice podcast, and the Community Resource Center.

Who leads the organization?

Dr. Kathie Mathis heads the organization’s Advocacy Center for Justice, thanks to an operational grant from The Firstenburg Foundation (TFF).

Dr. Mathis is a co-founding advisor of NWCAVE, is co-host of the Spotlight for Justice podcast, and has served as NWCAVE’s national training director since 2012.

Dr. Mathis once played a double for Linda Carter as Wonder Woman and we’re proud to call her our own personal Wonder Woman here at the Center for Justice.

Join us every March 8, which happens to be International Women’s Day (not a coincidence, totally planned!), as we  raise funds to help keep this much-needed service running to help an even greater amount of people with our JAVA for Justice Brunch!