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June 4, 2017
A message to NWCAVE from United States Senator Patty Murray

March 29, 2016
Danielle Hone (14 years old) left her home in August 2015. She was finally located in another state and returned in March 2016.

NWCAVE was instrumental in helping the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in locating Danielle Hone. Their willingness to liaison with the family allowed me to focus my efforts on finding Danielle. They took the lead in getting the necessary information out to the media and public. They assisted in channeling the tips and leads to a single point to ensure efficiency.

NWCAVE was accessible 24/7 and worked within the parameters I needed as Law Enforcement.

Thank you NWCAVE for a job well done in bringing home another missing girl.

Det. Scott Kirgiss, CCSO Major Crimes Unit
Office of the Sheriff, Clark County WA